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I like a pint, I like a brawl

Local sports fans love me.

I support four things: The Bills, The Sabres, BeOS and Sinn Fein/A 32 County Socialist Ireland

When I drink, I'm good.

My dad is asian and unfortunately has an alcohol intolerance so sadly he can't drink three at a time as I can.

Don't start.


A word from Stevie

Benjo is a mad lad. Sure he gets spooked easily, but he's a right fucking laugh. The other day he drank a cup of mustard at 3 in the afternoon. Nobody asked him to, he just did it because he's a fucking legend.

A fun fact about Benjo that he keeps a secret is that he fucking loves trains. Again, mental. If Steve Jobs hadn't died for no reason in 2011, he'd probably admit that Benji is Stepwise too.

I'll hand things back to Benjo now. Keep fucking the system, son.

Stevie DuBois, MARRIED MAN (getting really into lamps).

Invite me to your wedding. Stevie did and I'll have 78 drinks, and pick up any scraps ;)

I keep my money next to me on the floor when I sleep which is once a week or any time I pick up some scraps ;)

BeOS Logo

I LOVE BeOS (guilty as charged)

BeOS is my favorite operating system of all time. I would love to have a BeBox someday.

I am nuts for BeOS

I kiss the book most nights before I sleep.

I am nuts for BeOS

I am single and ready to mingle.

Fuck off all people who don't like BeOS, including Stevie who probably likes Windows NT or something.

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Email me? Nope, just page me, berk.